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Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Taimi is a unique dating app that caters specifically to the LGBTQ+ community, providing them with a safe and inclusive space for online dating. Unlike many other dating sites and apps, Taimi stands out by offering a wide range of features completely free of charge, making it accessible for users around the world regardless of their subscription status or location.

Looking for an innovative dating app that goes beyond traditional online platforms? Taimi, the revolutionary dating app, offers a refreshing twist to your online dating experience. With its unique features and user-friendly interface, Taimi stands out from other dating apps and sites in the market – but is it truly worth your time? Is Taimi really the game-changer it claims to be among the numerous other dating apps available worldwide, or does it fall short like many other dating sites catering to different countries?

Active audience 2 million
Quality matches 80%
Popular age 25-34
Profiles 1.5 million
Reply rate 90%
Ease of use 4.5 out of 5
Popularity Top 5 dating app
Fraud Low
Rating 4.8 out of 5
Registration Free and effortless
Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Pros & Cons

  • – Taimi, ya’ll, is a game-changer when it comes to LGBTQ+ online dating with its premium features that take your swiping experience to a whole new level.
  • – Unlike some other apps out there, Taimi’s free version doesn’t make you feel like an outsider with locked-up matches everywhere – hello inclusivity!
  • – With Taimi’s affordable membership cost, their fee-based services and security features are totally worth the investment for those who want serious connections without stressing about safety.
  • – The free version of Taimi review is quite limited, and to unlock premium features like unlimited swipes and messages, you’ll have to shell out some cash for a premium subscription.
  • – Some users might find the membership cost a bit on the higher side compared to other dating apps, making it less accessible for those on a budget.
  • – While Taimi does offer excellent security features like face verification and social media integration, these are mostly reserved for paid members, leaving free users with fewer safety measures.

Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

How Does Taimi Work?

Taimi is a social networking platform that was created in 2017 with the specific goal of providing a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ individuals to connect, share, and form meaningful relationships. With its sleek interface and user-friendly design, Taimi offers a range of features to help users find like-minded people. Profiles on Taimi are easily accessible, allowing users to showcase their interests and preferences while connecting with others who share similar passions. The platform encompasses a diverse community, attracting all types of users looking for friendships, romantic relationships, or simply someone to chat with.

One of the key features of Taimi is its live streaming capability, which allows users to engage in real-time conversations and events. This feature fosters an interactive environment where members can join discussions or host their own broadcasts on various topics related to the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to live streaming, Taimi also provides traditional messaging options that enable users to send messages privately or connect through group chats. Moreover, there is a comprehensive FAQ section on the website that addresses common queries about Taimi’s functionalities and offerings.

To join Taimi’s vibrant community, signing up is quick and straightforward. Users can create an account by providing basic information such as their name, age, location, and sexual orientation. Once registered, they can explore profiles based on location or personal preferences using the intuitive search function built into the platform. Whether you’re finding new friends or searching for potential partners within the LGBTQ+ spectrum,Taimi offers a secure environment that has been praised as legitimate by its large user base – making it one of the most popular social platforms for LGBTQ+.

How to Make Contact on Taimi

Are you curious about the various ways to connect with others on Taimi? In this section, we will explore the contact options available to users of this platform. Whether you want to send messages, engage in live streaming, or discover like-minded people, Taimi offers a user-friendly interface and design that makes connecting with others easy and enjoyable.

  • Taimi offers a user-friendly interface and design, allowing you to easily navigate the platform and interact with like-minded people.
  • You can send messages to other users on Taimi, fostering connections and conversations with potential matches or friends.
  • Enjoy live streaming on Taimi to engage with fellow users in real-time, creating an interactive and dynamic social experience.

Taimi offers various ways for users to make contact and connect with like-minded people. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design provide easy navigation, ensuring a seamless experience. Users can sign up on Taimi by creating an account using their email or social media accounts. Once signed in, they have access to browse through profiles of other members on the platform.

To find potential connections, users can utilize the search feature which allows them to filter individuals based on specific criteria such as location, age, and interests. Additionally, Taimi’s live streaming feature enables users to engage with others by watching and participating in live broadcasts. To initiate communication, users can send messages directly to individuals they are interested in connecting with.

Overall, Taimi is a legitimate platform that fosters connection between its users through its well-designed interface and multiple communication options like sending messages or participating in live streaming sessions.

Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Registration Process

Are you interested in joining the Taimi community? Let us walk you through the simple registration process and provide some key information that you’ll need to get started.

  • To begin the registration process on Taimi, you need to download and install the Taimi app on your mobile device.
  • Once the app is installed, open it and tap on the "Sign up" button to create a new account.
  • Provide the required basic information such as your email address, password, age, and gender to complete the registration process.

To create a profile on Taimi, the next step after downloading the app is to go through the simple registration process. This involves providing basic information about yourself that will be used to set up your profile and customize your experience on Taimi.

  • Upon completing the registration process on Taimi, log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile icon or avatar at the top left corner of the screen to access your profile page.
  • On the profile page, locate and click on the "Edit Profile" button or option.
  • Fill in the required basic information fields such as name, age, gender, and location.
  • You may also have the option to provide additional details such as interests, hobbies, or a short bio.
  • Take the time to upload a profile picture that accurately represents you.
  • Depending on the platform’s features, you may have the opportunity to add more photos to your profile.
  • Review your information and make any necessary changes or updates before saving your profile.
  • Consider adjusting privacy settings if you wish to limit who can see certain aspects of your profile.
  • Once satisfied with your profile, save the changes and your profile will be complete and visible to others on Taimi.

Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Interface & Design

Taimi’s interface boasts a clean and modern design that prioritizes ease of use. The app features intuitive navigation, with clear icons and well-organized menus, making it effortless to explore its various functionalities. The user-friendly layout ensures that finding matches, engaging in conversations, or browsing through the latest LGBTQ+ news is straightforward and accessible for all users.

The visually appealing design of Taimi creates an enjoyable user experience. With vibrant colors, tasteful animations, and sleek typography, the app offers a visually stimulating environment that keeps users engaged. The interface strikes a balance between simplicity and sophistication, ensuring that even those less familiar with dating or socializing apps can quickly adapt and feel at ease using Taimi’s platform.

Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

What I Liked as a User

During the two months I spent using Taimi, I had the opportunity to connect with like-minded people from all over the world. The platform provided a space where various communities came together, allowing me to engage in meaningful conversations and establish new friendships. Moreover, throughout my time on Taimi, I was impressed by the excellent support system that promptly addressed any concerns or technical issues that arose.

  • Innovative features: As a user, I appreciate the innovative features that Taimi offers. Whether it’s the advanced search options or the interactive video calls, Taimi goes beyond just being a dating app and provides an engaging experience. The app constantly evolves with new updates to enhance user satisfaction.

  • Community of like-minded people: What I liked as a user is the presence of a diverse and inclusive community on Taimi. Being able to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests, values, and experiences has been incredibly rewarding. It creates a sense of belonging and makes conversations and interactions more meaningful.

  • User-friendly interface: Taimi’s user-friendly interface impressed me from the start. Navigating through profiles, initiating conversations, and exploring different features is intuitive and straightforward. The well-designed layout and visually appealing design elements create an enjoyable user experience.

  • Excellent support system: Taimi excels in providing excellent support to its users. Whether it’s technical issues or concerns related to privacy and safety, the customer support team is responsive, helpful, and dedicated to resolving any queries or problems. They prioritize user satisfaction and work towards maintaining a secure and comfortable environment for everyone.

Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?


Taimi offers both free and paid features for its users. The free version allows users to create a profile, browse through other profiles, and send chat requests. However, to unlock more advanced features such as unlimited chat access and the ability to view private photos, users can choose to upgrade to the premium version.

One of the unique features on Taimi is its chat function.

Users can easily connect with others through this feature, making it convenient for initiating conversations and getting to know potential matches. Additionally, Taimi also stands out from other apps with its emphasis on safety and security. With options such as face verification and user moderation, Taimi aims to provide a secure environment for its members.

  • Unique features: Taimi offers a range of unique features that set it apart from other apps in the market.
  • Chat feature: One of its key features is the chat function, which allows users to connect and communicate with each other directly on the platform.
  • Chat requests: Users can send and receive chat requests to start conversations and build connections with others who caught their interest.
  • Integration with other apps: Taimi seamlessly integrates with other popular apps, providing additional functionality and convenience for its users.
  • Private photos: Taimi also offers a feature where users can upload and share private photos securely with their chosen connections.
Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?


A paid subscription to Taimi offers a range of benefits, such as access to exclusive features and enhanced functionality. The pricing for Taimi’s premium subscription is competitive compared to other options on the market, making it an affordable choice for those seeking fee-based services. However, it is important to note that you can still use Taimi without paying and enjoy basic features.

The free version provides a glimpse into what the app offers but lacks certain functionalities available with the paid membership. Taimi accepts various payment methods, ensuring convenience for users when it comes to subscribing or upgrading their membership cost.

Taimi offers flexible pricing options for its premium subscription, granting users valuable benefits at competitive rates.

Although a free version exists, opting for the paid membership unlocks additional features not available in the basic version. While some may find value in utilizing the app without payment, others may prefer accessing all aspects of this platform through one of their convenient accepted payment methods. Whether seeking cost-effective solutions or broader functionality, Taimi ensures individuals have choices that cater to their specific needs within its pricing structure.

Subscription Option Price Features
Free Free – Chat with other users
– Like and comment on photos
– Join social communities
– Create a profile with multiple pictures
Gold (1 month) $14.99 – Ad-free experience
– Unlimited likes and comments
– Ability to see who liked you
– Access to all filters and search options
– Ability to rewind matches
– Read receipts for sent messages
– Boost your profile visibility for 30 minutes every day
Gold (3 months) $29.99 – All features included in the 1-month subscription
– Save more with a longer subscription commitment
Gold (6 months) $47.99 – All features included in the 1-month subscription
– Maximum savings with an extended subscription period
Platinum (1 month) $24.99 – All features included in Gold membership
– Exclusive access to advanced filters
– Priority support from customer service
Platinum (3 months) $39.99 – All features included in Gold membership
– Additional savings with a longer subscription duration
Platinum (6 months) $69.99 – All features included in Gold membership
– Highest savings available with a long-term commitment

Please note that prices and features may vary over time, so it’s always best to check their official website for the most up-to-date information.

Free Services

  • Taimi offers a range of free services including creating a profile, browsing profiles, sending and receiving messages, managing your photos, participating in group chats, and accessing basic search filters.
  • Some additional features like searching by location and unlimited likes are also available for free.
  • However, Taimi also provides premium subscription options with paid membership costing $14.99 per month, offering benefits such as advanced search filters, incognito mode, verified badges, and removing ads.
  • These fee-based services enhance the user experience and provide added value to those who opt for a premium subscription.

  • Premium subscription: Taimi offers a premium subscription plan with additional features and benefits for users.
  • Membership cost: Users can access the premium features of Taimi by paying a membership fee.
  • Fee-based services: Taimi provides various fee-based services to enhance users’ experience on the platform.
  • Messaging upgrades: With a paid membership, users gain access to messaging upgrades such as unlimited messages and message read receipts.
  • Enhanced search filters: Premium subscribers can enjoy enhanced search filters to find more precise matches based on personal preferences.
  • Profile boosts: The premium subscription allows users to boost their profiles for increased visibility and reach.
  • Hide ads: Paid members have the option to hide ads while using Taimi.
  • Video calls: With a premium subscription, users can enjoy the feature of video calling on the platform.
  • Anonymous browsing: Subscribers can browse profiles anonymously without revealing their online presence.
  • Profile verification: Premium membership includes the possibility of profile verification, enhancing credibility within the Taimi community.

The premium membership on Taimi offers several advantages over its free counterpart. By opting for the premium subscription, users can experience a much easier and more streamlined platform. With fee-based services, such as enhanced search filters and unlimited messaging options, the paid membership significantly enhances the overall user experience on Taimi.

Taimi Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Profiles on Taimi offer high-quality content and are carefully curated, enhancing users’ experience compared to profiles found on other sites or apps.
  • Each member’s profile on Taimi provides detailed information and customizable features, allowing individuals to express themselves authentically and uniquely.
  • Users on Taimi can connect with a diverse and inclusive user base from the LGBTQ community, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding among members.
  • Taimi enables its users to engage with other like-minded individuals in the LGBTQ community, creating opportunities for meaningful connections and friendships.

When exploring the user profiles on Taimi, I found that overall, the profile quality of other members varied. Some users had detailed and well-crafted profiles, featuring personal interests, hobbies, and clear descriptions about what they were looking for in a potential connection. On the other hand, there were also several instances where member’s profiles lacked substantial information or only included minimal details.

Despite this variation in profile quality, one thing was evident – Taimi attracts a diverse user base from the LGBTQ community. I encountered individuals from different walks of life who identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Through browsing these member’s profiles on Taimi platform allowed me to gain insights into their unique personalities and preferences within the LGBTQ community.

While some users preferred casual conversations and making new friends, others expressed their interest in finding meaningful romantic connections. It was interesting to see how each individual personalized their profile with photos and captions that highlighted specific aspects of themselves. Overall being able to explore other user’s accounts taught me valuable lessons about creating an exceptional profile on Taimi that stands out among such a vibrant LGBTQ community

  • Highlight your unique interests and hobbies: Showcasing your distinctive preferences helps your profile stand out from others, attracting attention from other users within the LGBTQ community.
  • Use high-quality and eye-catching photos: Posting clear and visually appealing pictures increases the profile quality, making it more attractive to potential matches.
  • Craft an engaging and creative bio: A well-written and interesting biography captures the attention of other users, giving them an insight into your personality and increasing the chances of receiving messages.
  • Incorporate humor and wit: Injecting humor and wit into your profile helps you to appear playful, approachable, and distinct among the user base, encouraging interactions with other members.
  • Show support for LGBTQ causes and events: Displaying your involvement in supporting the LGBTQ community can attract like-minded individuals and demonstrate your commitment to the cause.
  • Take part in Taimi’s community features: Active participation in the app’s community functions, such as forums or groups, signals engagement and interest within the Taimi platform, thus boosting visibility and attracting other users.
  • Regularly update your profile: Keep your member’s profile fresh by adding new photos, revising your bio, or updating your interests, signaling that you are an active user who remains engaged in the app’s community.
  • Be respectful, kind, and inclusive when interacting with others: Treating other users with respect and kindness establishes a positive reputation within the community, creating a welcoming environment and potentially leading to more connections.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance on Taimi. The platform provides verification for users to ensure authenticity, fighting against the presence of bots and fake accounts. Additionally, there is a two-step verification option available for an added layer of protection. The photos uploaded by users go through manual review processes to maintain safety and privacy standards.

Taimi also has a strong privacy policy in place.

However, there are areas where Taimi could improve its safety and security measures further. For instance, implementing more advanced algorithms to detect fake accounts and enhance user authentication would contribute to a safer online environment. Moreover, continuously updating their security features to adapt to evolving threats would certainly bolster user confidence in using the app.

Fake Profiles

Taimi takes safety and privacy seriously, and although it implements several security features to combat fake accounts and bots, they can still occasionally be encountered on the platform. The company continuously works towards improving its technology to identify and remove these accounts promptly. Users are encouraged to report any suspicious profiles or activities they encounter, ensuring a healthier community for everyone. Taimi’s commitment to user safety remains unwavering, making efforts to maintain a secure and trustworthy environment for all its members.

  • Enable Taimi’s security features for enhanced safety and privacy: Taimi offers various security features, such as account verification and photo moderation, which help in identifying and excluding fake profiles and bots.
  • Be cautious and vigilant while interacting with suspicious accounts: If a profile appears too good to be true or exhibits unusual behavior, exercise caution and refrain from sharing personal information until you are confident about its authenticity.
  • Report any suspected fake accounts: If you come across a potential fake account or bot, promptly report it to Taimi’s support team. By doing so, you contribute to maintaining the platform’s integrity and ensuring a safer environment for all users.


Users can access support for Taimi through various channels. They can visit the support page on Taimi’s website, where they will find detailed information and instructions regarding common issues. Alternatively, users can reach out to the support team via email for personalized assistance. Although response times may vary, Taimi aims to address inquiries as promptly as possible. Additionally, a comprehensive FAQ page is available to provide quick answers to frequently asked questions.

Overall, Taimi offers accessible and responsive support options compared to other alternatives.

Taimi’s support system includes a dedicated support page with valuable resources and a direct contact option via email. While response time cannot be guaranteed, efforts are made to address user queries efficiently. Furthermore, an extensive FAQ section caters to instant resolutions of commonly raised concerns. In comparison to other alternatives, Taimi’s inclusive approach provides dependable and easily accessible customer support options for its users’ needs.


Alright folks, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the wild world of Taimi. But allow me to give you my two cents before you embark on this dating app adventure – and trust me, it’s not pretty. Picture this: You walk into a restaurant craving some fine dining, hoping for an epic gastronomic experience. Instead, what you get is a soggy microwave dinner that tastes like sadness in every bite. Well, ladies and gents, that’s exactly how I sum up my Taimi experience. Let’s start with the promises they make. Taimi boasts all these fancy features and claims to be the ultimate cupid in the online dating realm. It’s like hearing a snake oil salesman trying to sell you magic beans that’ll make your love life soar to new heights!

Spoiler alert: those beans are faker than a reality TV show romance. Now let’s talk about usability – or should I say lack thereof? Navigating through Taimi feels like being stuck in traffic during rush hour without any GPS or road signs. You’ll find yourself swiping left when you meant right and accidentally sending winks instead of messages faster than Usain Bolt running towards gold at the Olympics. Oh! And don’t even get me started on their membership plans. Picture this: paying for entry into an exclusive nightclub only to discover they’re playing elevator music and serving dollar store champagne—outrageous! That’s basically what happens when you shell out your hard-earned cash for premium access on Taimi; all sizzle but no steak!

As an experienced dating guru, it pains me to admit that Taimi simply doesn’t deliver on its promises. It’s more disappointing than finally finding matching socks after weeks of mismatched madness – just plain underwhelming! So here’s the much-anticipated verdict people – save your precious time (and let’s be real, money too) and swipe away from Taimi. The dating world has plenty of better options out there, so don’t settle for a microwave dinner when you deserve a gourmet feast!

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1. Is Taimi legit?

Oh, absolutely! Taimi is legit and way more than just your average dating app. It offers a safe platform for LGBTQ+ individuals to connect, express themselves, and find love – all while championing inclusivity and acceptance. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with Taimi!

2. Is Taimi worth it?

Taimi is totally worth it! With its inclusive and diverse user base, Taimi offers a safe space for all LGBTQ+ individuals to connect with like-minded people. Plus, the app’s unique features like video calls and stories make the dating experience more exciting and interactive.

3. How does Taimi website work?

Taimi offers a user-friendly online dating platform that connects LGBTQ+ individuals. You can create your profile, browse through other profiles, and chat with those who catch your interest. It’s a fun and inclusive space to find genuine connections within the community!

4. Is Taimi worth the money?

Taimi offers a wide range of features and functionalities that make it worth the money. From its inclusive community to advanced search options, Taimi provides a great online dating experience for LGBTQ+ individuals. Plus, the added security measures ensure a safe environment to meet new people.

5. Is Taimi a scam?

No scam! Taimi offers a legitimate online dating platform with verified profiles and great user experience. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

6. Does Taimi have a mobile app?

Yup, Taimi totally has a mobile app! That’s one of the coolest things about it. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, Taimi offers a convenient and user-friendly mobile experience for all its dating and social features.

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