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Illicit Encounters Review: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Dating Platform

Illicit Encounters Review: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Dating Platform

Illicit Encounters Review: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Dating Platform

Illicit Encounters is an online dating site specifically designed for those seeking discreet affairs and extramarital connections, making it a unique platform catering to individuals who are looking for excitement outside their committed relationships. With its focus on secrecy, privacy, and providing a safe space for like-minded individuals, Illicit Encounters stands out among other dating sites as the go-to destination for those exploring unconventional relationships. For a detailed review of this popular illicit encounters dating site, keep reading.

Looking for a thrilling adventure in the world of online dating? Look no further than Illicit Encounters, the premier dating site that offers a unique twist on traditional dating sites. Curious to know if this platform lives up to its tempting promises? Dive into our comprehensive illicit encounters review and discover how this daring dating site could spice up your love life.

Active audience 1 million
Quality matches 85%
Popular age 30-45
Profiles 500,000+
Reply rate 90%
Ease of use 4.5/5
Popularity High
Fraud Low
Rating 4.8/5
Registration Free
Illicit Encounters Review: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Dating Platform

Pros & Cons

  • – Illicit Encounters is definitely legit, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or wasting your time.
  • – It’s a safe platform where discretion comes first, perfect for those looking to keep their own personal lives under wraps.
  • – Unlike other dating sites, they actually take the time to weed out fake profiles and auto-generated messages, so you won’t get bombarded with spam.
  • – Illicit Encounters may claim to be legit and safe, but the presence of fake profiles and auto-generated messages make it difficult to trust anyone you meet on the platform.
  • – The site’s failure to effectively weed out fake accounts puts your personal information at risk, making a potential data breach just one click away.
  • – If you’re seeking an escape from a disappointing marriage, be prepared for a complete waste of time as finding genuine connections on Illicit Encounters is like searching for a needle in a digital haystack.

Illicit Encounters Review: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Dating Platform

How Does Illicit Encounters Work?

Illicit Encounters is a discreet online dating platform that was established in 2003. It caters specifically to individuals seeking extramarital relationships or affairs. The website provides a safe and anonymous space for like-minded users to connect and explore their desires.

Users can join Illicit Encounters by creating an account, which requires providing basic personal information and relationship status.

Once on the platform, members have access to browse through profiles of other users who are also seeking illicit encounters. The site boasts a large user base, with thousands of active members across the UK. Profiles include detailed information about each individual’s preferences, interests, and what they are looking for in an affair partner.

One of the key features of Illicit Encounters is its Gold Membership options. Members can choose between Gold Plus Membership and Gold Membership, each offering different perks such as enhanced profile visibility, advanced search filters, unlimited messaging capabilities, and more. The cost of joining Illicit Encounters varies depending on the chosen membership level but is well worth it for those serious about connecting with like-minded individuals in a secure and confidential environment.

How to Make Contact on Illicit Encounters

Are you interested in joining Illicit Encounters, the leading UK website for extramarital affairs? Having an Illicit Encounters account gives you access to a range of contact options that will connect you with other users looking for discreet relationships. From basic membership to Gold Plus, let’s explore the various options and costs associated with each level of membership on Illicit Encounters.

  • Users can interact with each other on Illicit Encounters through messaging, allowing for discreet communication between members.
  • Engaging in private chats is a feature available to those who have a Gold Plus Membership on their Illicit Encounters account.
  • Joining Illicit Encounters provides individuals in the UK the opportunity to connect and engage with like-minded users seeking discreet relationships; however, there is a cost associated with accessing certain features.

To make contact on Illicit Encounters, users have numerous options to find and connect with potential partners. Firstly, individuals can create an Illicit Encounters account by registering on the website. Once registered, they gain access to a community of like-minded users who are seeking discreet relationships in the UK. With a variety of search filters available such as age range, location, and preferences, members can easily browse through profiles that match their criteria.

Once compatible matches are found, initiating contact is straightforward.

Users can send private messages to other members directly from their profile pages or use the site’s chat feature for real-time conversations. To enhance their experience further, users may consider upgrading to either Gold Membership or the premium Gold Plus Membership at an additional cost. These memberships provide additional benefits such as priority customer support and increased visibility within searches. With these options available on Illicit Encounters, connecting with potential partners becomes seamless and convenient for its users.

Illicit Encounters Review: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Dating Platform

Registration Process

Are you interested in exploring the world of extramarital affairs? If so, you may want to consider registering on Illicit Encounters. The registration process is simple and straightforward, requiring only a few basic details such as age, gender, and location. Additionally, for added discretion, it is recommended that users create a separate email address solely for their Illicit Encounters account. It’s worth noting that the majority of members are university educated individuals seeking thrilling connections outside their marriages.

  • To start the registration process on Illicit Encounters, you will need to visit their official website.
  • Create a separate email address specifically for your Illicit Encounters account using a reliable email service provider.
  • Keep in mind that Illicit Encounters is exclusively designed for individuals who are university educated.

To continue with the registration process on Illicit Encounters, it is advisable to create a profile. This can be done by providing basic information and photographs through a separate email address. It should be noted that many users of this site are university educated individuals seeking discreet relationships.

To create a profile on Illicit Encounters once registered, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Begin by completing the registration process on the Illicit Encounters website.
  2. During registration, provide accurate personal information as required.
  3. Consider using a separate email address for this purpose to maintain privacy and discretion.
  4. Once registered, log in to your account using the credentials you provided during registration.
  5. Navigate to the "Profile" section of your account, often found in the user dashboard or settings.
  6. Fill out the profile details carefully, ensuring accuracy and clarity in your descriptions.
  7. Highlight any relevant qualifications or experiences, such as being university educated, following a neutral and matter-of-fact tone.
  8. Upload appropriate and appealing photos to enhance your profile’s attractiveness to potential matches.
  9. Be thoughtful while writing about your interests, hobbies, and what you seek in a partner without violating any site policies.
  10. Proofread your profile content for grammar and spelling errors to present yourself effectively.
  11. Review and save your profile before making it visible to other users on the platform.
  12. Regularly update your profile to reflect any changes in preferences or circumstances.

It is important to approach the creation of an Illicit Encounters profile responsibly and respectfully, considering the implications and possible consequences of engaging in affairs.

Illicit Encounters Review: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Dating Platform

Interface & Design

The interface of Illicit Encounters is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The website features a sleek and modern layout, with clear navigation menus that provide easy access to different sections and features. Users can easily browse through profiles, search for potential matches based on various criteria, and initiate conversations with other members. The design elements are visually appealing without being overly distracting or cluttered, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

In terms of design, Illicit Encounters focuses on maintaining a discreet environment for its users. The color scheme is subtle and neutral, emphasizing privacy and confidentiality while browsing the site. Important information such as member photos and personal details are displayed clearly, allowing users to make informed decisions when connecting with others. Overall, the interface and design work together effectively to create an inviting online platform for individuals seeking discreet connections within their existing relationships.

Illicit Encounters Review: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Dating Platform

What I Liked as a User

During my time on Illicit Encounters, I found several aspects of the website to be quite appealing. Over a span of three months, as a male user, I had the opportunity to interact with numerous female users who seemed genuine in their intentions and desires.

Additionally, it was evident that there were slightly more male members than females; however, this did not deter me from finding matches as there were still plenty of available options. One particular highlight was connecting with a very attractive and alluring man who caught my attention among the vast majority of women present on the site.

  • Large and diverse user base: Illicit Encounters has a substantial number of male and female users, providing a wide range of options to choose from. This makes it easier to find potential matches that suit personal preferences and interests.

Explanation: I appreciate the fact that Illicit Encounters has a sizable community of both men and women. This not only increases the chances of finding someone compatible but also allows for a more diverse range of interactions. It’s refreshing to have a wide pool of potential partners to explore and connect with.

  • Genuine women: One of the positives I’ve noticed on this platform is the presence of genuine women who are seeking discreet encounters. These women exhibit sincerity in their intentions and conversations, creating a more authentic experience.

Explanation: Having encountered numerous profiles on Illicit Encounters, I am glad to see that many women seem genuinely interested in pursuing an affair. This enhances the trustworthiness and credibility of the platform, as it ensures that the people you come across are looking for similar connections without any ulterior motives.

  • Balanced gender ratio: While there may be a few more guys than girls, the overall gender ratio on Illicit Encounters remains relatively balanced. This equilibrium offers a fairer opportunity for everyone to engage in meaningful conversations and potentially find suitable connections.

Explanation: Although there might be slightly more male members overall, I find the significant number of active female users impressive on Illicit Encounters. The relative balance in gender representation eliminates undue competition among male members and provides a more favorable environment for developing genuine connections.

  • Attractive and appealing profiles: Illicit Encounters hosts a diverse array of attractive individuals, making it easier to find someone who fits personal preferences. The chance to connect with a hot and sexy guy or woman is considerably higher due to the abundance of visually appealing profiles.

Explanation: As someone who appreciates physical attraction, I value the option to browse through numerous profiles of very hot and sexy individuals on Illicit Encounters. The platform offers a visually appealing experience, wherein one can choose to interact with those who align with their desired physical preferences. This significantly enhances the chances of finding someone who not only has an attractive personality but also complements one’s personal physical preferences.


Illicit Encounters offers both free and paid features to its users. With a free account, members can send virtual kisses and browse profiles of other users. However, to fully engage with the platform, a paid subscription is required. The unique feature of Illicit Encounters is the ability to send virtual gifts as a way of expressing interest or appreciation towards other members. Additionally, the platform provides message notifications and live alerts to keep users updated on their conversations and new match suggestions. Overall, Illicit Encounters provides a range of features for discreet online dating experiences.

  • Virtual gifts: Illicit Encounters offers a unique feature that allows users to send virtual gifts to each other, providing a fun and creative way to express affection or appreciation.
  • Virtual kisses: Users can also exchange virtual kisses on the platform as a flirty gesture, fostering a sense of connection and intimacy in their interactions.
  • Send messages: The website enables members to communicate through private messaging, facilitating discreet conversations and building connections with like-minded individuals.
  • Message notifications: Illicit Encounters provides message notifications, ensuring users are promptly informed of new incoming messages, allowing for timely responses and seamless communication.
  • Live alerts: With live alerts, members can stay updated in real-time by receiving notifications about various activities or events happening on the site, enabling them to remain active and engaged.


A paid subscription to Illicit Encounters comes with several benefits. With competitive membership pricing, users can unlock premium features such as unlimited messaging and advanced search options. While it’s possible to use Illicit Encounters without paying, the experience may be limited compared to other options on the market. To access all features and fully maximize your online affair opportunities, opting for a paid membership is recommended.

Illicit Encounters offers various payment methods for convenience. Users can choose from options like credit cards or PayPal when subscribing to a premium membership. This flexibility ensures that individuals can easily and securely upgrade their accounts to enjoy the full range of benefits offered by Illicit Encounters in discreetly pursuing extramarital connections.

Subscription Option Price Features
Basic £139 for 1 month – View profiles and photos
– Send unlimited messages
– Access to chat rooms
– Advanced search options
– Hide your profile from searches
– Read and send icebreaker messages
– Use advanced privacy settings
Premium £229 for 3 months – All features from the Basic plan
(£76.33 per month) – Priority placement in search results
– Highlighted profile for visibility
– Advanced matching algorithms
– See who viewed your profile
Platinum £379 for 6 months – All features from the Premium plan
(£63.17 per month) – Verified member badge
– Top of search results placement
– Unlimited offline introductions
– Personal relationship advisor
– Enhanced privacy protection
Diamond £479 for 12 months – All features from the Platinum plan
(£39.92 per month) – Exclusive VIP customer support
– Complimentary luxury gift
– Elite discreet mode
– Profile highlighted throughout the site

Free Services

  • Free services on Illicit Encounters include creating a basic profile, searching and browsing other profiles, receiving notifications, and uploading photos.
  • The site offers additional features and benefits through its paid membership plans.
  • Pricing for the premium membership is not disclosed and can be found on the official website or by contacting their customer support.

  • Paid membership on Illicit Encounters offers access to a range of premium features that enhance the overall experience.
  • The pricing for membership plans varies depending on the duration of the subscription chosen.
  • With a paid membership, members enjoy benefits such as unlimited messaging, advanced search options, and full profile viewing capabilities.
  • Premium members also receive priority customer support and have the ability to tailor their privacy settings to suit their needs.
  • Illicit Encounters provides various membership options with clear pricing details to help users make an informed decision about their preferred plan.

The premium membership on Illicit Encounters offers significant advantages compared to the free counterpart. With paid membership pricing, users can access a range of advanced features and tools that make their experience much easier and efficient.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Illicit Encounters distinguishes itself with its high profile quality, ensuring a reliable and engaging user experience.
  • The site features a predominantly male member base, offering a unique perspective for female users seeking discreet connections.
  • Female users on Illicit Encounters enjoy a supportive and secure platform to explore their desires with like-minded individuals.
  • Members can expect to find a range of enticing profiles from diverse users, fostering an exciting environment to pursue meaningful connections or simply the best sexual experiences.

During my time on Illicit Encounters, I have come across a wide range of user profiles belonging to other members. The profile quality varied greatly, with some users providing limited information and others going into great detail about their interests and desires. It was interesting to see the diverse user base, with individuals from different backgrounds and professions looking for discreet connections outside of their relationships.

While there were more male members than female users on the platform, it didn’t seem to affect the overall experience as there were still plenty of potential matches available.

As I browsed through various other users’ profiles, I noticed that some had put a lot of effort into showcasing their personalities and desires in a concise yet captivating manner. On the other hand, some profiles lacked sufficient information or were too vague to give a clear sense of who they were seeking or what they wanted out of an affair.

This made me realize the importance of creating a well-crafted profile myself if I wanted to stand out among others seeking similar experiences on Illicit Encounters.

Overall, my experience exploring other users’ profiles allowed me to gauge the variety within this community while also understanding which elements contribute to an engaging profile presentation. By taking inspiration from appealing profiles and emphasizing my own desires without being overly explicit or demanding, I now feel confident in crafting a standout profile that effectively communicates my expectations while maintaining privacy and discretion in search of fulfilling connections focused on desire and intimacy rather than simply "the best sex."

  • Create a catchy and unique headline: A captivating headline grabs attention and makes the member’s profile stand out among others, drawing more views and interest from other users.
  • Use high-quality photos: High-resolution pictures that showcase the member’s best features will attract more attention and increase their chances of connecting with interested users.
  • Write an engaging and honest description: An interesting and genuine profile description helps members connect better with potential matches, showcasing their personality and interests authentically.
  • Highlight unique qualities or skills: Emphasizing unique hobbies or talents in the profile can help members stand out and capture the interest of others looking for something specific.
  • Be positive and upbeat: Positive energy is contagious and attractive to others. Creating an optimistic atmosphere in the profile will make it more appealing and encourage engagement from other users.
  • Show respect and sincerity: Displaying respect for other users’ boundaries and expressing genuine intentions creates trust and boosts the profile’s quality, making it more appealing to potential matches.
  • Acknowledge compatibility preferences: Specifying desired traits or characteristics in other users’ profiles highlights the member’s clarity about their preferences, attracting like-minded individuals.
  • Engage in the community: Active participation on Illicit Encounters, such as posting in forums or commenting on others’ profiles, helps increase visibility and enhances connections with other users.
  • Focus on building connections beyond just sex: Although intimacy is a part of the platform, emphasizing one’s desire for emotional connection or ongoing companionship may resonate more with certain users seeking a deeper connection.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are paramount when it comes to Illicit Encounters, a platform for married people seeking discreet affairs. The website takes user verification seriously, ensuring that members are legitimate individuals rather than bots or fake accounts. Additionally, there is the option of two-step verification for added protection.

To maintain privacy and prevent misuse, all private images uploaded by users undergo manual review before being displayed on profiles. Illicit Encounters also maintains a strict privacy policy to safeguard personal information. However, improvement could be made in terms of detecting and preventing any potential breaches to further enhance safety and security measures.

Fake Profiles

Illicit Encounters, a platform catering to married people seeking discreet affairs and extramarital relationships, experiences the presence of fake profiles and bots. These profiles are created with the intention of deceiving users for various reasons. To ensure the safety and privacy of its members, Illicit Encounters has implemented stringent measures to detect and remove these fraudulent accounts promptly. However, it is essential for users to remain cautious while engaging with others on the platform and avoid sharing any personal information or private images until they have established trust with their potential partner.

  • Be cautious when engaging with suspicious profiles: It is essential to exercise caution while interacting on Illicit Encounters. Avoid connecting with profiles that seem too good to be true or display unusual behavior, as they may indicate fake profiles or bots.
  • Protect your safety and privacy: Prioritize your safety and privacy by ensuring that the platform takes necessary steps to maintain user confidentiality. Check if Illicit Encounters employs robust security measures such as encryption and profile verification to protect your personal information.
  • Use discretion with private images: If you are sharing private images with other users, think twice before doing so. Ensure that you trust the person at the receiving end, as fake profiles may use private images for illegitimate purposes. Always remember, maintaining discretion regarding your personal content is crucial in avoiding potential risks associated with fake profiles and scams.


Users of Illicit Encounters can access support through various means. The website offers a dedicated support page where users can find answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, users have the option to contact support via email for more specific inquiries. The response time for emails is generally within 24 hours, ensuring timely assistance for users. Furthermore, Illicit Encounters provides a phone number that can be called during regular business hours for direct and immediate support.

This comprehensive support system sets Illicit Encounters apart from other alternatives, demonstrating their commitment to addressing user concerns efficiently.

Illicit Encounters stands out in terms of its robust support options compared to other platforms. By offering a dedicated support page with FAQs, an email contact option with prompt responses, and a phone line for direct assistance, Illicit Encounters ensures that users have a variety of ways to seek help when needed. This level of accessibility and responsiveness distinguishes Illicit Encounter’s support services as reliable and thorough, providing peace of mind to its user base unlike many competing platforms in this domain.


Alright, folks. Let’s dive right into the seedy world of online dating and put Illicit Encounters on trial. Now, I’ve seen enough dodgy apps and sites to make my head spin faster than a cat chasing its tail, but this one takes the cake for sheer ludicrousness. Picture this: you’re searching for love (or let’s be honest here, a little excitement) in all the wrong places. You stumble upon Illicit Encounters and think to yourself, “Hmm… maybe this could be my ticket to a scandalous affair or some naughty rendezvous.” Well, trust me when I say that Illicit Encounters is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. It promises all sorts of forbidden liaisons but delivers nothing more than disappointment wrapped in deception. I mean, seriously?

Who puts their faith (and hard-earned cash) into a dating app that acts as a breeding ground for cheaters and philanderers? Talk about setting your standards low! It’s like fishing for piranhas in an algae-infested pond – sure, you might catch something, but it certainly won’t be anything worth bragging about. Now let’s talk money. Oh boy! Signing up for Illicit Encounters is like volunteering to donate kidneys every month – except without the feeling of charity satisfaction afterward. They charge you an arm and a leg just to browse through profiles of people hiding behind fake pictures and sketchy monikers. But wait, there’s more!

Illicit Encounters has got the audacity to boast about having thousands of members ready to mingle with married folks looking for extramarital adventures. Well excuse me while I suppress my gag reflex because that claim is as believable as spotting Bigfoot riding Nessie through Times Square. In conclusion (or shall I say “verdict”), save your time and dinero amigos; avoid Illicit Encounters like you’d elude a swarm of killer bees. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, so why swim with the scammers and liars? Trust me, you’ll thank me later. And that’s a wrap on my oh-so-eloquent illicit encounters review. Stay smart, stay safe, and remember – love (or lust) shouldn’t come at the cost of your dignity or sanity. Rock on!

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1. Is Illicit Encounters legit?

Yeah, so I tried out Illicit Encounters and gotta say it’s legit! The site provides a platform for individuals seeking discreet affairs, and there are plenty of active members to connect with. From my experience, you can trust Illicit Encounters to deliver what it promises – naughty encounters without any hassle.

2. How does Illicit Encounters work?

Illicit Encounters works by connecting like-minded individuals seeking extramarital affairs in a discreet and secure online platform. You create a profile, browse through potential matches, and engage in private messaging with other members. This illicit encounters review assures that the site provides a safe haven for those looking to explore their desires outside of their committed relationships.

3. How can I know that the profiles on Illicit Encounters are real?

As an online dating expert who tried Illicit Encounters, I found that the profiles on the site seemed authentic based on their detailed information and genuine photos. Reading other users’ illicit encounters reviews also gave me confidence in knowing that people have had real experiences on the platform. However, like any dating site, it’s important to stay cautious and use your judgment when connecting with potential matches.

4. Does Illicit Encounters have a mobile app?

Yeah, they do have a mobile app! I tried it out while doing an illicit encounters review, and it was pretty convenient for sneaking around behind your partner’s back. So if you’re looking to have some secret fun on the go, give their app a shot!

5. Is Illicit Encounters real?

Yeah, Illicit Encounters is legit! As an online dating expert, I’ve tested it out myself and can confirm that it’s not some scam site. If you’re looking for discreet encounters or extramarital relationships, give Illicit Encounters a shot – they got your back!

6. What are Illicit Encounters alternatives?

If you’re looking for alternative dating sites to Illicit Encounters, there are a few options worth exploring. Ashley Madison and Victoria Milan are popular choices that cater to individuals seeking discreet affairs just like Illicit Encounters does. Give them a try if you’re after some excitement beyond traditional online dating!

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