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Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Jeevansathi is an online dating site that caters specifically to the Indian audience, providing a platform for individuals looking for long-term relationships and marriage. With its user-friendly interface, extensive database, and focus on cultural compatibility, Jeevansathi stands out among other internet dating sites as a dedicated web page connecting potential life partners in the world wide web.

Looking for love in the world wide web? Searching for a dating site that truly understands your needs and values? Look no further than Jeevansathi, an online dating service designed to help you find your perfect match. Are you tired of sifting through countless internet pages of dating sites with no luck? With Jeevansathi, explore a web page exclusively curated to cater to individuals seeking genuine connections and meaningful relationships. So why wait? Dive into the exciting realm of online dating services now!

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Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Pros & Cons

  • – Jeevansathi has got some amazing reviews online and it’s easy to see why with their impressive customer care.
  • – With Jeevansathi, you’ll instantly boost your self esteem – they help you find that perfect someone who loves you for being uniquely you!
  • – The best thing about Jeevansathi is that their support team actually listens to what their consumers want and need – no wonder info edge has such happy customers!
  • – The customer care of Jeevansathi can often make you feel like a small fish in their big pond, leaving you with less self-esteem than before.
  • – Jeevansathi reviews reveal that the platform lacks a large user base, making it feel like you’re fishing for love in an empty pond.
  • – Dealing with Jeevansathi’s support team can sometimes feel like talking to a wall; they provide about as much assistance as info edge provides actual information.

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

How Does Jeevansathi Work?

Jeevansathi is a leading online matchmaking platform in India, created to help individuals find their life partners. With a history spanning over two decades, Jeevansathi has emerged as a trusted and reputable platform for those seeking significant relationships. Users can easily create profiles on Jeevansathi by providing relevant information about themselves and their preferences.

Jeevansathi caters to a diverse user base with various objectives in partner search. Whether one is looking for love or an arranged marriage, the platform offers solutions for all needs.

Key features of Jeevansathi include personalized searches based on criteria such as age, location, religion, and profession. Additionally, users have access to relationship managers who provide guidance throughout the matchmaking process.

As a service membership that offers additional benefits and enhanced visibility options to its users,Jeevansathi ensures that members receive extensive support from its dedicated customer support team. With its commitment to facilitating meaningful connections and fostering lasting relationships, Jeevansathi continues to be a go-to platform for individuals in search of their ideal life partners.

How to Make Contact on Jeevansathi

Are you looking to create significant relationships and finding your life partner? Jeevansathi, a popular online matchmaking platform, offers various contact options to help users in their partner search. Whether you are a free member or have opted for the service membership, Jeevansathi provides multiple ways to connect with potential matches through its user-friendly interface. Additionally, the platform offers the assistance of relationship managers and a dedicated support team to ensure a smooth experience throughout your journey of building significant relationships.

  • Users can create significant relationships by connecting with other members through the partner search feature on Jeevansathi.
  • Service membership offers allow users to access additional features and benefits, enhancing their interaction with potential partners.
  • If assistance is needed during the process, a dedicated relationship manager and support team are available to provide guidance and address any concerns.

To make contact on Jeevansathi, users have several options available to find and connect with potential partners. The platform offers a partner search feature where individuals can filter their preferences such as age, location, profession, and more. By using these search filters, users can discover profiles that match their criteria and initiate communication through the messaging system provided.

Additionally, Jeevansathi’s service membership offers enhanced features like priority listing and profile visibility to increase the chances of connecting with compatible matches. To further assist in creating significant relationships, registered members are assigned a relationship manager who provides personalized guidance throughout the process. In case of any queries or issues during partner-search journey, Jeevansathi also has an efficient support team readily available for assistance.

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Registration Process

Looking to create a Jeevansathi account? In this section, we will guide you through the process of registration on Jeevansathi, whether you are interested in a free membership or considering upgrading to a paid premium membership. Additionally, we’ll provide instructions for those seeking to delete their Jeevansathi account.

  • Go to the Jeevansathi website (https://www.jeevansathi.com)
  • Click on the "Register Free" button located at the top-right corner of the homepage.
  • Fill in the required details such as name, gender, email address, password, and date of birth. Optionally, verify your mobile number for enhanced security and authenticity.
  • Choose your desired membership type – free, premium, or paid.
  • Complete the registration process by accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully registered for a Jeevansathi account.

To delete your Jeevansathi account:

  • Log in to your Jeevansathi account using your registered email address and password.
  • Go to the account settings or profile section.
  • Look for the option to delete your account and follow the provided instructions.
  • Confirm your action when prompted.
  • Your Jeevansathi account will be permanently deleted after the confirmation.

To create a profile on Jeevansathi, you will need to first sign up for a Jeevansathi account. This can be done easily by visiting their website and clicking on the registration link. Before proceeding, it’s important to note that Jeevansathi offers both free and paid memberships, with additional benefits and features available for those who opt for premium membership. Additionally, in case you wish to delete your Jeevansathi account at any point, there are options provided within the platform’s settings menu.

To create a profile on Jeevansathi after registering, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Jeevansathi account using your registered email ID and password.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to the "My Profile" section located on the top menu bar of the website.

  3. Click on the "Create/Edit Profile" option under the "My Profile" dropdown menu.

  4. Fill in your personal details such as name, age, gender, religion, caste, location, education, occupation, etc., in the provided fields.

  5. Upload attractive photos of yourself to enhance your profile’s appeal.

  6. Write an engaging and accurate description about yourself, detailing your interests, hobbies, preferences, and partner expectations.

  7. Specify your desired partner preferences and requirements to help find suitable matches.

  8. If you wish to avail additional features and benefits, you may consider upgrading to a premium or paid membership.

  9. To upgrade to a premium membership, click on the "Upgrade" or "Membership Plans" tab usually available on the homepage or within the "My Profile" section.

  10. Choose a membership plan that suits your needs and provides desired benefits.

  11. Follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment for the selected membership plan securely.

  12. Upon successful payment, your premium membership will be activated, granting you access to advanced search options, communication features, verified contact details, etc.

Note: It is important to ensure that you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions before subscribing to any paid membership.

Deleting your Jeevansathi Account

If you ever decide to delete your Jeevansathi account, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Login to your Jeevansathi account using your registered email ID and password.

  2. Go to the "Settings" or "Account Settings" option, typically found within the "My Profile" or "My Account" section.

  3. Look for the "Delete Profile" or "Close Account" option and click on it.

  4. Follow the provided instructions to initiate the account deletion process.

  5. Confirm your decision to delete your Jeevansathi account by following any additional steps or prompts, if required.

  6. Once successfully completed, your Jeevansathi account, along with your profile information and data, will be permanently deleted from the platform.

Please note that deleting your account will remove all your information, messages, photos, and matches from the Jeevansathi platform, and this action is irreversible.

Hope this helps you create a profile on Jeevansathi and understand the account deletion process!

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Interface & Design

Jeevansathi boasts a user-friendly interface and visually appealing design. Upon visiting the platform, users are greeted with a clean and organized layout that facilitates easy navigation. The well-structured menu makes it simple to access various features and search options effortlessly.

The design of Jeevansathi is aesthetically pleasing, utilizing soft colors and modern elements. The use of clear fonts ensures readability, while the intuitive icons enhance overall user experience. Whether browsing profiles or personalizing search filters, Jeevansathi’s interface seamlessly integrates functionality with an attractive visual appeal, providing a pleasant and efficient online matchmaking experience.

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

What I Liked as a User

During the six months I spent using Jeevansathi, I discovered several aspects that stood out to me. Firstly, their user-friendly interface provided a seamless navigation experience, making it easy for users to browse through profiles and access various features. Additionally, Jeevansathi boasted a great site with a large pool of active members, ensuring ample opportunities to connect with individuals who matched my desired partner preference.

  • Desired partner preference: Jeevansathi allows me to specify my desired partner preferences accurately, taking into account factors such as age, education, height, and more. This feature has been extremely helpful in finding profiles that align with my expectations and goals for a potential life partner.
  • Great site: I appreciate the overall design and functionality of the Jeevansathi website. It provides a professional and organized platform for searching and connecting with potential matches. The user-friendly interface makes navigation smooth and intuitive, ensuring a hassle-free experience while exploring profiles and using various features offered by the site.
  • Active members: One aspect that stands out about Jeevansathi is the large number of active members on the platform. This ensures a wide range of profiles to choose from and increases the likelihood of finding someone compatible. The extensive user base reflects the popularity and reputation of Jeevansathi within the online matrimonial industry.
  • User-friendly interface: The user interface of Jeevansathi is designed to simplify the search process and make it efficient. The advanced search options, customizable filters, and clear display of profile information allow me to browse through potential matches effectively. Additionally, the chat and messaging features facilitate seamless communication with other members, making it easier to connect with individuals whose profiles have caught my interest.

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot


Jeevansathi offers both free and paid features to its users. With the free membership, users can create a profile, search for potential partners using the search tool, and view limited contact details. The unique feature of Jeevansathi is its photo verification process, which helps improve user safety and ensures authenticity of profiles.

Paid members have access to multiple functionalities such as sending personalized messages, viewing complete contact details of other members, and receiving notifications when their profile has been viewed or favorited. Additionally, Jeevansathi’s customer support is readily available to assist with any queries or issues that may arise during partner search. Overall, Jeevansathi provides a reliable platform with useful features and a strong emphasis on photo verification for enhanced trust and self-esteem among its users.

  • Search Tool: Jeevansathi provides an advanced search tool that allows users to filter potential partners based on various criteria such as age, education, location, and more.
  • Contact Details: Once a match is found, Jeevansathi enables users to access contact details of potential partners, facilitating direct communication.
  • Customer Reviews Cancel: Users can read customer reviews to gain insights into the platform’s effectiveness and reputation.
  • Self Esteem: Jeevansathi aims to boost users’ self-esteem by providing a trusted platform where individuals can find suitable life partners.
  • Customer Support: The platform offers customer support services to assist users throughout their partner search journey and address any concerns they may have.
  • Multiple Functionalities: Jeevansathi incorporates multiple functionalities such as online matchmaking, personalized recommendations, horoscope matching, and more.
  • Photo Verification: Jeevansathi employs photo verification techniques to ensure the authenticity and credibility of user profiles.
Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot


A paid membership on Jeevansathi offers several benefits, making it a valuable investment for those looking to find their life partner. The pricing of Jeevansathi’s paid subscription is competitive compared to other options in the market. While you can use Jeevansathi without paying, the free membership has limited features and access, which may not result in an optimal matchmaking experience. To unlock all its potential and enjoy advanced search filters, messaging options, and personalized recommendations, upgrading to a paid membership is recommended.

Payment methods accepted include credit/debit cards, net banking, and various online wallets.

Jeevansathi’s membership prices offer great value for individuals seeking meaningful connections. With a range of features and tools available exclusively with a paid subscription, users can maximize their chances of finding their life partner. Though it is possible to use Jeevansathi without paying through the free membership option, doing so limits your access to key functionalities that enhance the matchmaking process.

Therefore, investing in a paid subscription ensures a more comprehensive and effective approach towards finding one’s soulmate. Various payment methods make it convenient for users to upgrade their memberships effortlessly using their preferred mode of transaction.

Subscription Plan Duration (in months) Price (in INR) Features
Basic Membership 1 0 Create and manage profile, express interest in matching profiles, view contact information
eAdvantage 3 3,280 All features of a Basic membership + highlight your profile, get priority in search results
eRishta 6 5,980 All features of a Basic membership + connect with other members directly through phone or email
eValue 12 9,180 All features of a Basic membership + highlighted profile and enhanced privacy options
Profile Highlighter 1 150 Get your profile highlighted on the Jeevansathi homepage for better visibility
Astro Expert Consultation Starts at 2,100 Consult astro experts to match horoscopes and receive personalized advice
Personal Matchmaker Starts at 11,000 Get assistance from a personal matchmaker who will shortlist suitable matches for you

Note: Prices mentioned above are subject to change. Please visit the Jeevansathi website for the latest pricing information and additional details on each subscription plan.

Free Services

  • Free registration and creation of a profile on Jeevansathi.
  • Access to basic search features and view limited contact details with free membership.
  • Ability to express interest in other members’ profiles at no cost.
  • Send and receive unlimited personalized messages with premium members for free.
  • Use the horizonal-axis filter in partner preference to fine-tune your search criteria without any charges.
  • Receive daily recommendations and match alerts for potential matches without needing a paid membership.
  • Participate in personalized matchmaking events that are free of charge.
  • Experience privacy settings, suggestions for improving profile visibility, and assistance from customer support while being a free member. Note: As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time data. Therefore, there might be additional services or changes to the listed information. It’s always recommended to visit the official Jeevansathi website for the most accurate and up-to-date details regarding their free services, paid memberships, and membership prices.

  • Jeevansathi offers a paid membership option to access exclusive features and services.
  • The paid membership allows users to send personalized messages and view contact details of other members.
  • Members with a paid subscription get enhanced visibility in search results, leading to higher chances of finding suitable profiles.
  • Different membership plans are available at varying prices, allowing flexibility for users to choose the one that best fits their requirements.
  • The free membership option provides basic access to profiles and limited communication features.
  • By opting for a paid membership, users unlock a wider range of possibilities to connect with potential partners on Jeevansathi.

The paid membership on Jeevansathi offers significant advantages compared to its free counterpart. With a nominal membership price, users gain access to enhanced features and functionalities that make finding compatible matches much easier.

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Jeevansathi stands out due to its highly detailed profiles that allow users to specify their desired partner preferences extensively.
  • The unique feature of Jeevansathi lies in its algorithm that matches users with compatible partners based on their desired partner preferences.
  • With a large user base of active members, Jeevansathi offers an extensive selection of potential matches for its users.
  • Jeevansathi keeps up with the latest trends and advances in online matchmaking, ensuring that users have access to recently uncovered profiles that match their desired partner criteria.

When browsing the user profiles of other members on Jeevansathi, I found them to be quite diverse in terms of their desired partner preferences. Some were looking for someone with specific education or career backgrounds, while others emphasized qualities such as personality traits and family values. It was interesting to see how each individual had their own unique criteria when it came to selecting a life partner. Additionally, there seemed to be a good number of active members who regularly updated their profiles and interacted with others on the platform.

During my exploration of user profiles on Jeevansathi, I recently uncovered that having a well-crafted description of one’s desired partner can make a profile stand out. Those who clearly articulated their expectations regarding attributes like physical appearance, education level, and cultural background appeared more serious and thoughtful about finding a compatible match. This made me realize the importance of providing detailed information about my own desired partner preference if I want to increase my chances of attracting suitable matches on Jeevansathi.

  • Make sure to add specific and detailed information about your desired partner preference, which helps attract suitable matches who resonate with your expectations.
  • Use eye-catching and unique profile pictures that reflect your personality, drawing attention from other members browsing through numerous profiles.
  • Regularly update your profile with new information or activities to show you are an active member on Jeevansathi, increasing your visibility for potential matches.
  • Write a compelling and engaging introduction about yourself, highlighting your strengths, interests, and life goals to capture the interest of others.
  • Add any recent achievements or accomplishments in your profile to showcase your success and ambition, standing out as a motivated and dynamic individual among others.
Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance when it comes to online platforms, such as Jeevansathi. To ensure user authenticity, Jeevansathi incorporates a rigorous verification process for its users. It actively combats bots and fake accounts to maintain a safe environment for all members. Furthermore, Jeevansathi provides the option for two-step verification, adding an extra layer of security to protect individual profiles. Additionally, photographs uploaded on the platform undergo manual review, ensuring that inappropriate content is swiftly addressed in accordance with their privacy policy.

Despite stringent measures in place, there is always room for improvement regarding safety and security on Jeevansathi. Enhancing detection mechanisms could help further minimize potential risks associated with fraudulent or malicious activities. Strengthening communication channels between users and support teams would enable prompt resolution of any concerns pertaining to safety or privacy issues. By consistently refining their protocols, Jeevansathi can reinforce its commitment towards maintaining a trustworthy and secure platform for all its dedicated users.

Fake Profiles

Jeevansathi, a reputed platform for finding life partners, has encountered instances of fake profiles and bots within its user base. These profiles are created with the intention to deceive or manipulate unsuspecting individuals seeking genuine connections. It is important for users to exercise caution while engaging with such accounts and promptly report any suspicious activity to Jeevansathi’s support team. For those concerned about their safety and privacy, it is advisable to cancel their Jeevansathi subscription if they encounter persistent issues related to fake profiles or experience breaches in data confidentiality.

  • Be cautious and vigilant while interacting with profiles on Jeevansathi or any other online platform.
  • Look out for suspicious signs such as generic profile pictures, scanty information, or too-good-to-be-true offers.
  • In order to ensure the safety and privacy of your personal information, follow best practices like refraining from sharing financial details or intimate pictures, and promptly report any suspicious profiles or activities to Jeevansathi’s customer support team.

(Please note that Jeevansathi is not a sugar daddy site. If you want to cancel your Jeevansathi subscription, please refer to their official website or contact their customer support for accurate instructions.)

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot


Users of Jeevansathi can access support through various channels. There is a dedicated support page on the website where users can find information and resources. Additionally, users have the option to contact support via email, with response times typically ranging from 24 to 48 hours. For more immediate assistance, there is also a phone number available for customers to call during business hours. Furthermore, Jeevansathi has a comprehensive FAQ page that addresses commonly asked questions. These options provide efficient and accessible support compared to alternative matchmaking platforms.

Jeevansathi offers multiple avenues for user support. Through the support page on their website, users can avail themselves of helpful information and resources. Queries and concerns can be addressed by reaching out through email or contacting their phone helpline during specified timings. To further assist users, they maintain a detailed FAQ section addressing frequently asked questions. This robust customer service framework sets Jeevansathi apart from other alternatives by facilitating prompt responses and ensuring an overall smooth user experience.

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot


Alright folks, gather round and let me spill the beans on Jeevansathi. Now, I’ve tried enough dating sites and apps to consider myself a bit of an expert (or at least a self-proclaimed guru). But when it comes to Jeevansathi, well, let’s just say it’s like using a pogo stick as your main mode of transportation in rush hour traffic – not the smartest choice. First things first, they boast about having relationships managers. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Well, hold your horses there because what they don’t tell you is that these so-called relationship managers are about as useful as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Seriously though, with all the advanced technology we have nowadays, relying on some random person to play Cupid for you seems archaic. And don’t even get me started on their “success stories.” Look, every dating app will throw success stories at you faster than squirrels gathering nuts in autumn. But here’s the thing: those success stories are often about as believable as Bigfoot riding Nessie across Loch Ness while spotting Elvis Presley eating a peanut butter sandwich.

Nowadays when people think “online dating,” they want something modern and functional. They want options! And guess what? Jeevansathi falls short in this department too. It’s like standing in line for hours only to find out they’ve run out of ice cream flavors except for vanilla – sorry folks who love plain old vanilla! If you’re searching for alternatives to Jeevansathi, fret not my fellow daters because there are plenty fishies swimming in the sea of online romance. From Tinder to Bumble or even Match.com if you’re feeling nostalgic (hey baby boomers!), there’s no shortage of options where sparks may fly and chemistry can sizzle. So my advice?

Skip Jeevansathi unless you have a secret crush on disappointment. There are far better ways to spend your time and money in the vast world of online dating. Trust me, you’ll thank me later when you’re sitting across from someone who actually makes your heart skip a beat instead of making you want to facepalm into oblivion. Now go forth my friends, and explore those greener pastures of loveland! Happy swiping (or scrolling if we’re not stuck in 2010 anymore)! Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are solely those of the imaginary dating guru and online dating expert. Results may vary for different individuals based on their preferences, geolocation, or general awesomeness levels. Always consult with your own instincts before embarking on any romantic adventures. Good luck out there!

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

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1. Is Jeevansathi legit?

Jeevansathi is a legit online dating platform with positive customer reviews and a strong focus on safety and privacy. Their user-friendly interface, average age of members, and efficient cancellation process make it a reliable choice for Indian singles seeking lifelong partnerships. Plus, their referral program adds an extra incentive to the mix!

2. Is Jeevansathi safe?

Jeevansathi is definitely a safe online dating platform with great security measures in place for its users. They prioritize safety and privacy by providing options to cancel or delete profiles as per user’s requirements, and have an average age range that ensures genuine connections. Plus, their referral program makes it even more exciting to bring friends on board and share experiences through email!

3. How much does Jeevansathi subscription cost?

Jeevansathi offers various subscription plans to cater to different needs and budgets, with prices ranging from INR XXXX to INR XXXX per month. It’s important to check the latest pricing on their website as it may vary over time and based on promotions. They also have a referral program where you can earn rewards for recommending friends, making it even more fun to find your perfect match!

4. Is Jeevansathi worth the money?

Jeevansathi is absolutely worth the money with its wide range of options and features that cater to users of all ages. The average age group on Jeevansathi ensures a diverse pool of potential matches, and their emphasis on safety and privacy through secure e-mail communication gives peace of mind. Not to mention, their referral program offers great incentives for bringing in new customers – what more could you ask for?

5. How to find people on Jeevansathi?

To find people on Jeevansathi, start by signing up and creating a profile. Then, you can browse through profiles using filters like age and location to narrow down your search. Don’t forget to read customer reviews for insights on safety and privacy, and if you’re happy with the platform, refer it to friends through their referral program! Plus, they’ll notify you via email about potential matches based on your preferences.

6. What are Jeevansathi alternatives?

Jeevansathi alternatives could include popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, which also offer a wide range of profiles to browse through. However, unlike Jeevansathi, these apps focus more on casual dating rather than long-term relationships. It’s always important to check customer reviews before diving in, and don’t forget to take advantage of any referral programs for extra perks!

Jeevansathi Review 2023 – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

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