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easternhoneys Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

easternhoneys Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

easternhoneys Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Easternhoneys is an exceptional online dating platform that caters specifically to individuals seeking international relationships, standing out amongst other online dating sites in the crowded online dating world. With its unique features and diverse user base, Easternhoneys offers a refreshing experience for those looking to connect with potential partners on an international scale through this premier online dating site.

Looking for love in the vast online dating world? Look no further than EasternHoneys, an international dating website that promises to connect you with potential partners from all corners of the globe. Curious about their unique features and success stories? Read on to discover how this innovative online dating platform stands out amongst other online dating sites.

Stats Values
Active audience 3 million users
Quality matches 90% satisfaction rate
Popular age 25-34 years old
Profiles 500,000+ profiles
Reply rate 80% response rate
Ease of use Intuitive and user-friendly
Popularity Top 3 online dating sites
Fraud Stringent verification process ensures minimal fraud
Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
Registration Free and easy registration process
easternhoneys Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Pros & Cons

  • – Eastern Honeys is a legit website that offers free features such as live chat and search filters to help you find the perfect match among its international members.
  • – The eastern honeys dating site provides an extensive gift catalog and virtual gifts option to enhance your online communication with female members, making it easy to express your feelings and make a connection with western men.
  • – With its detailed profiles, average age range of foreign men looking for serious relationships, and efficient messaging tools, anyone can confidently browse through beautiful photos and videos of potential partners on Eastern Honeys.
  • – The search feature on Eastern Honeys can be a bit limited, making it difficult to find specific criteria in potential matches.
  • – Some profiles on the Eastern Honeys website may contain fake information or photos, which can make it harder to determine if someone is genuine.
  • – While the live chat and messaging tools are helpful for online communication, obtaining contact details of female members requires a premium subscription.

easternhoneys Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

How Does easternhoneys Work?

Easternhoneys is a popular dating site that caters specifically to individuals seeking relationships with Asian women. Established years ago, the platform has rapidly gained recognition in connecting people from across the world. Profiles on Easternhoneys showcase detailed information about users, including their interests and dating preferences. The search tool allows users to narrow down potential matches based on specific criteria, such as age or location.

This feature helps ensure compatibility and increases the chances of finding a suitable partner.

One key feature of Easternhoneys is the ability to send meeting requests to other members. This enables users to express an interest in meeting up and taking the relationship offline if both parties are interested. Another notable aspect of Easternhoneys is its private photos function, where users can share personal images only with those they trust.

Additionally, ID verification adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that users are genuine and serious about creating meaningful connections online.

In summary, Easternhoneys offers an efficient way for individuals to find potential partners among Asian women through its user-friendly interface and advanced features. From browsing profiles using the search tool to sending meeting requests, this dating site facilitates genuine interactions between like-minded individuals looking for love or friendship online.

How to Make Contact on easternhoneys

If you’re interested in connecting with Asian women through the EasternHoneys dating site, you might be wondering about the different contact options available to you. In this section of our EasternHoneys review, we’ll explore the various ways you can communicate and interact with other members on the platform. From using search tools to send a meeting request, to accessing private photos or going through ID verification, there are several features that will help make your experience of finding a girlfriend online more engaging and secure.

  • Users on EasternHoneys dating site can interact with one another through various communication channels such as instant messaging, email exchange, and real-time chat.
  • The search tool on EasternHoneys allows users to find and connect with Asian women based on their preferences and criteria, enabling them to narrow down potential matches.
  • Through features like meeting requests and private photos sharing, users on EasternHoneys have the means to establish connections and get to know each other better while maintaining privacy and security, including ID verification when required.

To connect with people on Easternhoneys, users have several options. Firstly, they can utilize the search tool to find Asian women based on their preferences such as age, location, and hobbies. Once potential matches are found, users can send a meeting request to initiate contact. Additionally, the dating site allows users to view private photos of other members if they have obtained permission from them.

Easternhoneys also offers an ID verification feature for added security and authenticity. This ensures that users can trust the individuals they are connecting with online. With these features in place, Easternhoneys provides a reliable platform for those looking to meet Asian women and potentially find a girlfriend online through its user-friendly interface and effective communication tools.

easternhoneys Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Registration Process

Are you curious about how to create an account on the EasternHoneys website? Look no further! In this section, we will guide you step by step through the registration process using their user-friendly online registration form.

  • Visit the official Easternhoneys website on your preferred web browser.
  • Navigate to the registration form provided on the homepage or designated section.
  • Fill out the required details accurately in the registration form, including personal information and a valid email address, and submit the form to complete your registration process.

To create a profile on the EasternHoneys website, you will need to complete their registration form. This form asks for basic information such as your name, age, email address, and preferred password.

To create a profile on EasternHoneys website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the EasternHoneys website and click on the "Sign Up" button located at the top right corner of the homepage.
  2. You will be redirected to the registration form where you need to provide your basic information.
  3. Fill in your valid email address in the designated field. Make sure it is an active email as you will receive a verification link later.
  4. Create a secure password for your account. Remember to include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters for added security.
  5. Confirm your password by typing it again in the provided field.
  6. Enter your preferred nickname or username that you’d like to use on the platform.
  7. Choose your gender from the options available (male or female).
  8. Specify the gender preference for potential matches (male or female). This information helps the system find suitable profiles for you.
  9. Select your date of birth by choosing the appropriate day, month, and year from the drop-down menus.
  10. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of EasternHoneys by ticking the respective checkboxes.
  11. Once you have filled in all the required fields accurately, click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the registration form.
  12. Now, check your email inbox for a verification message from EasternHoneys.
  13. Open the email and click on the verification link provided to activate your account.
  14. After clicking the verification link, you will be directed back to the EasternHoneys website, where you can now log in using your registered email and password.
  15. Congratulations! You have successfully created your profile on EasternHoneys and can now start exploring and connecting with other users on the platform.

Interface & Design

The interface of easternhoneys is user-friendly and visually appealing. The site features a clean and modern design with a simple layout, making it easy for users to navigate through the different sections. The homepage displays clear menu options that allow users to access various features like search filters, messaging tools, and profile settings effortlessly.

Easternhoneys showcases an attractive design that creates a pleasant atmosphere for users to interact within.

The color scheme is harmonious and soothing, enhancing the overall experience without overwhelming the eyes. The well-organized and intuitive interface ensures smooth usability, enabling users to browse profiles, send messages, or explore additional features without any difficulties. Overall, easternhoneys’ interface offers a seamless and enjoyable online dating experience.

What I Liked as a User

During my three-month membership on EasternHoneys, I was thoroughly impressed with all the features and tools it offered. From advanced search options to communication tools like instant messaging and video calls, the platform provided everything necessary for a seamless online dating experience. Moreover, what made it even better was that all these features were absolutely free of charge.

  • Extensive features: Easternhoneys provides a wide range of features that enhance and simplify the online dating experience. From instant messaging and video chats to virtual gifts and flower delivery, it offers all the necessary tools for effective communication and making a lasting connection.

I like this aspect of Easternhoneys because it eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms or download additional applications. Everything I need is readily available within the site itself, making it convenient and user-friendly.

  • User-friendly interface: The platform’s interface is well-designed and easy to navigate. It is clean, intuitive, and ensures a seamless browsing experience.

This feature has greatly facilitated my exploration of the site and made finding matches and engaging in conversations effortless. Whether I am searching for profiles or accessing various communication tools, the user-friendly interface allows me to accomplish these tasks with minimum effort and time commitment.

  • Verified and real profiles: Easternhoneys takes measures to ensure the authenticity of its users by verifying every profile. This helps provide a safer and more trustworthy environment for online dating.

As someone who values security and wants to interact with genuine individuals, I appreciate Easternhoneys’ dedication to maintaining verified profiles. This verification process gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus on building meaningful connections without constantly worrying about fake accounts or scams.

  • Free access to essential features: Easternhoneys offers free access to all the basic and essential features needed for successful online dating. Users can create an account, browse through profiles, send likes, and use search filters without any charges.

I find this particularly appealing as it allows me to get a good grasp of the platform and its features before committing financially. Having access to essential features without having to pay right from the start demonstrates Easternhoneys’ commitment to providing transparency and giving users the freedom to decide if they want to invest further.


Easternhoneys offers both free and paid features for its users. In terms of free features, users can enjoy customer support through live chat to address any inquiries or concerns they may have. The platform also provides search filters and an extended search option, allowing users to narrow down their preferences when looking for potential matches. However, the unique aspect of Easternhoneys lies in its paid features.

Users have access to messaging tools and can view private photos and videos of other members. Additionally, there is a gift catalog available, enabling users to send virtual gifts to express their interest or affection towards someone special. Lastly, it’s worth noting that Easternhoneys offers live streams where members can engage with each other in real-time for a more immersive dating experience.

  • Customer support: Easternhoneys offers excellent customer support to assist users with any queries or concerns they may have.
  • Live chat: The platform provides a live chat feature, allowing members to engage in real-time conversations and build connections.
  • Virtual gifts: Easternhoneys offers a wide range of virtual gifts that can be sent to other users to express interest and affection.
  • Search filters and extended search: Users can utilize search filters and an extended search option to refine their search criteria and find compatible matches.
  • Messaging tools: The platform provides various messaging tools to facilitate communication between members, fostering meaningful connections.
  • Private photos: Users have the option to share private photos with specific individuals, enhancing privacy and personalization.
  • Photos and videos: Members can upload and view photos and videos on profiles, providing more visual content to explore.
  • Gift catalog: Easternhoneys have a comprehensive gift catalog where users can select thoughtful presents for their potential partners.
  • Live streams: The platform may offer live streams periodically, providing users with additional opportunities to interact and connect.


With a paid subscription to easternhoneys, you can enjoy a range of benefits. The pricing for the packages is competitive, offering different options to suit your needs and budget. While there are free credits available on Easternhoneys, using the platform without paying feels limited compared to the full experience provided by a subscription. However, it remains a viable option for those looking to explore online dating without making financial commitments. Payment methods accepted include Google Pay among other convenient options.

Easternhoneys offers various pricing plans depending on users’ preferences and requirements. Free credits are available but using the platform without payment may feel restrictive compared to accessing all features with a paid subscription. Nevertheless, it still provides value as an entry-level option in the online dating market. Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method, which includes popular platforms like Google Pay for added convenience.

Subscription Options Price Features
Basic $9.99 per month – Access to basic features
– Send and receive messages
– View members’ profiles
Premium $19.99 per month – All features included in the Basic subscription
– Advanced search options
– Access to verified profiles
– Priority customer support
– Exchange contact information
Credits Starting at $2.99 – Pay-as-you-go option for additional features
– Chargeable for specific actions
– Varying credit bundles available

Free Services

  • Easternhoneys offers free registration so users can create an account without any cost.
  • Users can receive free credits as a welcome gift upon signing up on Easternhoneys.
  • Google Pay is not listed as a free service provided by Easternhoneys, as it is a third-party payment provider and may involve transaction fees.

  • EasternHoneys offers a range of paid services that enhance the overall user experience.
  • Users can browse profiles and view photos for free, but premium features require payment.
  • By subscribing to a membership, users gain access to unlimited messaging with other members.
  • With the help of advanced search filters, users can find their perfect match more efficiently through a paid feature.
  • Additionally, users can purchase credits to send virtual gifts, flowers, and even request personal contact information from their potential matches.
  • EasternHoneys provides multiple payment options, including Google Pay, for a convenient and secure transaction process.

Premium membership on EasternHoneys offers several advantages over its free counterpart. Firstly, it eliminates the need to constantly purchase credits as it comes at a fixed cost. Additionally, premium members enjoy special benefits such as receiving free credits and having access to more payment options like Google Pay, making their experience on the platform much easier and hassle-free.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Profiles on EasternHoneys provide extensive information, offering a comprehensive overview of each member’s interests, hobbies, and preferences.
  • The average age of EasternHoneys’ users reflects a diverse range, catering to individuals seeking companionship regardless of their stage in life.
  • Marital status is clearly indicated on profiles, enabling users to find matches that align with their relationship goals and expectations.
  • With members hailing from various Asian countries, EasternHoneys provides a platform for cultural exchange and the opportunity to meet individuals from different backgrounds.

When I explored the user profiles of other members on EasternHoneys, I found that many of them had detailed profiles. These profiles included information about their hobbies, interests, and even some personal stories. It was helpful to have this level of detail as it made it easier for me to gauge if we would be compatible or share similar qualities. Additionally, I noticed that the average age range of users seemed varied and diverse.

There were members from different age groups and backgrounds, offering a wider pool of potential matches.

Another aspect that caught my attention was how easily one could find out the marital status of all the members on EasternHoneys. The website prioritizes transparency by allowing individuals to specify whether they are single or divorced in their profile details, making it clear right from the start what someone’s current relationship status is. Lastly, while exploring different profiles, I discovered that there were numerous users hailing from various Asian countries.

This added cultural diversity hinted at the opportunity to connect with people from different cultures and broaden my perspective through meaningful conversations.

Overall, after going through these user profiles on EasternHoneys, I understood how important it is to create a standout profile myself. By providing specific details about my personality traits, interests, and preferences along with being honest about my marital status can help me attract like-minded individuals who are genuinely interested in getting to know me better.

  • Include detailed profiles: Providing comprehensive information about oneself helps create a more engaging profile, which can attract potential matches on EasternHoneys.
  • Highlight interests and hobbies: Sharing specific interests allows others to find common ground and increases the chances of finding compatible connections.
  • Emphasize unique qualities: Mentioning distinctive attributes or talents can make a profile memorable and distinguish it from others on the platform.
  • Display genuine photos: Authentic images help portray a true representation of oneself, promoting trust and genuine interactions with other members.
  • Specify desired relationship goals: Clearly stating what one is looking for (e.g., casual dating, long-term commitment) helps filter potential matches and encourages like-minded individuals to reach out.
  • Incorporate humor and positivity: Infusing positive language and humor into the profile description can showcase a desirable personality and leave a lasting impression on viewers.
  • Mention experiences with Asian culture: If applicable, sharing any personal encounters or familiarity with Asian countries can demonstrate an interest in their culture, fostering connections with members from these regions.
  • Be honest about average age and marital status: Being transparent about one’s age and marital status ensures that potential partners have accurate expectations, leading to more compatible matches.
  • Engage with other members: Actively participating in discussions, responding to messages, and showing genuine interest in others’ profiles can enhance visibility and reputation within the community.


Users can access the support of easternhoneys through various channels. There is a dedicated support page where users can find answers to common queries and concerns. Additionally, they offer the option to contact their support team via email for more personalized assistance. The response time is generally quick, ensuring that users receive timely help with their issues. Furthermore, easternhoneys provides a comprehensive FAQ page, which further aids in addressing common questions and resolving problems efficiently.

When compared to other alternatives, the accessible support options provided by easternhoneys contribute to a seamless user experience, allowing individuals to obtain prompt assistance whenever needed.

Easternhoneys offers multiple avenues for accessing support services without overwhelming users with excessive information or complicated processes. By providing an easily accessible support page, email contact option, swift response times, and a well-curated frequently asked questions section, Easternhoneys ensures that its users have reliable resources at their disposal when seeking guidance or resolution of any issues they may encounter. This level of customer care sets it apart from other platforms in terms of efficiency and convenience.


Alright folks, gather round because I’ve got a bone to pick with the so-called “romantic paradise” known as Eastern Honeys. Let me tell you, this dating app is like finding an empty pizza box in your fridge when you’re craving a late-night snack – disappointing and utterly useless. Now, let’s dive into why Eastern Honeys ain’t worth your precious time or hard-earned money. First of all, their platform feels about as inviting as sitting alone at a crowded party, desperately hoping for someone to notice you. The interface is clunky and outdated, making me wonder if they were still working with dial-up internet speeds from the ’90s. It’s enough to drive anyone bonkers! And don’t even get me started on the profiles!

You’ll stumble upon more ghost towns than friendly faces. Seriously, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack that doesn’t actually exist. Plus, most of these alleged honeys seem faker than store-bought doughnuts – complete with stock photos and generic bios that could have been copied and pasted without any thought whatsoever. But wait, there’s more! And by “more,” I mean more disappointment. While some dating platforms can be swarming with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes (making you feel like Indiana Jones hunting for treasure), Eastern Honeys lacks depth. It’s like expecting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but ending up with half-melted chocolate chips in microwave-safe packaging instead. Now let me address the elephant in our virtual room: Is Eastern Honeys legit?

Well my fellow love seekers, brace yourselves for what I’m about to say – not even close! Trusting this app is like believing politicians’ promises during campaign season or thinking your favorite pair of jeans will magically fit after devouring one too many pizzas. Bottom line: If you’re looking for genuine connections and a dating experience that’s worth your while, Eastern Honeys ain’t the place to be. Save yourself from feeling like you’ve stumbled into a deserted carnival on a Tuesday afternoon – because honestly, it’s just not worth it. So my dear readers, take this eastern honeys review to heart and give that older pizza box in your fridge more attention than this lackluster platform. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve – keep searching and swiping elsewhere for love!

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1. Is easternhoneys legit?

Yeah, Easternhoneys is totally legit! The website provides a handy search feature that helps you narrow down your preferences and find compatible matches quickly. Plus, their meeting request system makes setting up dates super easy and convenient.

2. Is easternhoneys free?

No, easternhoneys is not free. You can join the website for free, but to enjoy all the features like using the search feature and sending meeting requests, you will need to purchase credits.

3. What payment methods does easternhoneys accept?

Easternhoneys accepts various payment methods on their website, making it convenient for users to upgrade their membership or purchase additional credits. You can pay using your credit/debit card, PayPal, or even via direct bank transfer. So, once you’ve found your perfect match through their incredible search feature and are ready to take things forward with a meeting request, paying won’t be an issue!

4. How much does easternhoneys subscription cost?

Hey there! So, the pricing for a subscription on easternhoneys can vary depending on how long you want to be a member and what features you’re interested in. But don’t worry, they have some affordable options that give you access to their awesome search feature and the ability to send meeting requests. Pretty cool, right?

5. How to find people on easternhoneys?

To find people on the easternhoneys website, simply use their awesome search feature! You can customize your search by age, location, and even interests to get more specific results. Once you’ve found someone that catches your eye, don’t be shy! Send them a meeting request and start getting to know each other better. Good luck with your online dating adventure!

6. How to cancel subscription on easternhoneys?

To cancel your subscription on easternhoneys, simply navigate to the website and log in to your account. Use the search feature to locate your account settings and select the option to cancel or deactivate your subscription. Remember, once you’ve canceled, don’t forget to decline any pending meeting requests from other users.

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